is the creative consultancy and design studio of Dale Lawrence and Claire Johnson. Hoick provides creative direction, assists partners in the articulation and realisation of their visions and produces concept-driven identities and design. Dale and Claire have backgrounds in fine art, new media, graphic design, art direction and concept development, and interests in art, cultural practices, sociology, psychology and ecology.

The studio includes designers Tiffany Schouw, Adam Benjamin and Josh Lombardozzi and works with clients ranging from creative industries (art institutions and museums, galleries and curators, art fairs, writers, architects and designers, musicians and listening bars) to hospitality (restaurants, delis, hotels, cafés). Hoick's work in consultancy is augmented by the art practices of Dale and Claire whose outputs involve printmaking, painting, sculpture, installation and performance and cover subjects including authenticity, value, memory, power and equality, and by work in collective exhibitions under the moniker Hoick where authorship and interpersonal working processes are explored.

We are motivated by the way cultural production activates social development and, further, the potential for fluidity in culturally-determined systems of belief and value and their potential for direct and dramatic affect on politics, economics and ecology. As such, we seek to partner with actors and institutions that either support experimental engagements in creative production, or who actively seek to challenge cultural norms.

Our location in Cape Town, South Africa, serves to inform these interests due to the direct proximity of developed, underdeveloped, wildlife and agricultural areas within the bounds of the city. Here, the the intersections of commercial, social and environmental interests are abundantly apparent, making visible the pressures each apply on one other, but also the opportunities for positive interrelations.


2015, On Second Thought, Smith, Cape Town

2017, Shall We Move On?, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg

2020, Peep Show, online:


Dale Lawrence –

Claire Johnson –

In Situ Project –

‘On Second Thought’ – Exhibition blog


Claire Johnson, Dale Lawrence, Tiffany Schouw, Adam Benjamin and Josh Lombardozzi

Partners and clients, past and present:

Southern Guild, Antonia Steyn, Lukhanyo Mdingi, Studio–H, ALÁRA, Kombi, Krone, Spier, The Robertson Small Hotel, Art X Lagos Art Fair, Nuweland Gallery, One Park, Norval Foundation, Boschendal, FNB JoburgArtFair, Between Us, Street Food Festival, Food XX, SMITH, Pieter Hugo, Katherine Spindler, Lisa King, Amy Ellenbogen, Alessandro Gigli, Bielle Bellingham, Abigail Rands, Oliver Whyte, Marsi Van Der Heuvel, Morné Visagie, Art Gazette, Open24Hrs, Origin Coffee, Hokey Poke, Max Bagels, Studio Biru, Project Dyad, Hours Clear, Kokomo, L+L Architects, Chapel Goods, Leo’s Wine Bar, Art Partner, Lorne Jewellery and Sanna Leather.

Contributors and collaborators, past and present:

Sanri Pienaar, Faith Shields, Franco Fernandes, Christine Joubert, Matthew Freemantle, Morné Visagie, Ben Johnson, Bella Knemeyer, Jonathan Kope, Ilana Swanepoel, Jarred Figgins, Amy Ellenbogen, Renee Nicole Sander, Max Botha, Kerri von Geusau, Gisele Human, Harriet Parker, Jurrit van der Ploeg, James Crossley, Gabriella Lai, Jamy Silver, Kate McLuckie, Nazeema Solomons.

Press and Mentions:


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— Studio H: 100+ Flavours Window Installation, 2023

It’s Nice That: Discover South Africa’s rich culinary heritage with Hannerie Visser’s 100+ Flavours project, 2023

CEC Online: 100 Flavours is a Love Letter to South Africans, 2023

— Brooklyn Museum x Alara: Exhibition Merchandise, 2023

Virtual Studio Visit: Design Thinkers Conference 2021

— Krone Cap Classique Journal: AN UNFOLDING COMPLEXITY, THE R.D 2007, 2021

— Transform Awards: Middle East and Africa 2020, Silver for Studio Biru

— Krone Cap Classique Journal: BEHIND THE SCENES: KRONE SPACE AND TIME, 2018

The Design Kids Interview, 2018

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— Eat Out: Hokey Poke, Cape Town’s first dedicated poké restaurant, is now open, 2017

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— Matthew Freemantle: The Cocozão, 2015

— Biz Community: 'On Second Thought' Opening at SMITH, Cape Town, 2015