HOICK a creative agency and amorphous art collective based in Cape Town, centred around the partnership of Dale Lawrence & Claire Johnson. Hoick provides creative direction, assists creative entities in the realisation of their visions and produces concept-driven identities and design.

Dissecting, interpreting and communicating the essence of companies and individuals is at the core of our practice. The collective academic background of the studio consists of graphic design, communication and fine art. There is a strong focus on experimentation in the development phase of any project, with the belief that one needs to make mistakes in order to progress. Hoick has a preoccupation with unfamiliar materials and processes. Collaborating with contemporaries in different fields is a key goal of the studio.

Hoick produced a collection of papier-maché sculpture, with accompanying painting, digital and collage work for their first solo exhibition in May 2015, entitled On Second Thought.

Hoick was selected to produce a solo project at the FNB Joburg Art Fair in 2017, which resulted in the exhibition Shall We Move On? made in collaboration with writer Matthew Freemantle and artist Morné Visagie.

Solo Exhibitions

2017, Shall We Move On?, FNB Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg

2015, On Second Thought, Smith, Cape Town


Studio: Claire Johnson, Dale Lawrence, Faith Shields, Tiffany Schouw, Adam Benjamin

Brand and companies we have created work for, past and present: 
ALÁRA, Krone, Spier, The Robertson Small Hotel, Boschendal, FNB JoburgArtFair, Between Us, Street Food Festival, Food XX, SMITH, Art Gazette, Open24Hrs, Origin Coffee, studio–H, Hokey Poke, Max Bagels, Studio Biru, Project Dyad, Hours Clear, Kokomo, L+L Architects, Leo’s Wine Bar, Art Partner, Lorne Jewellery, Sanna Leather, Chapel Goods

Individuals we have created work for, past and present: Pieter Hugo, Katherine Spindler, Lisa King, Amy Ellenbogen, Alessandro Gigli, Bielle Bellingham, Abigail Rands, Oliver Whyte, Marsi Van Der Heuvel, Morné Visagie 

Associates and collaborators—past and present — Franco Fernandes, Christine Joubert, Matthew Freemantle, Morné Visagie, Ben Johnson, Bella Knemeyer, Jonathan Kope, Ilana Swanepoel, Jarred Figgins, Amy Ellenbogen, Renee Nicole Sander, Max Botha (Hokey Poke), Gillian Lawrence (Lorne Jewellery), Sue Lawrence (Sanna Leather), Kerri von Geusau, Gisele Human, Harriet Parker, Jurrit van der Ploeg, James Crossley, Gabriella Lai, Jamy Silver, Kate McLuckie, Michael Lumby & Werner Lotz (L+L Architects), Nazeema Solomons (Coral & Hive)

Some press:

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