Identity, creative direction, design and artworks for poke bar and restaurants in Cape Town and Sea Point

Creative direction by Hoick
Design by Hoick and Franco Fernandes
Interior by Christine Joubert
Photographs by Ben Johnson and Hoick
Style by Max Botha

Poke’s rise into the culinary mainstream can be attributed to it’s unpretentious ease and cultural adaptability. From service stations to surf shacks, street corners to swanky restaurants, poke has taken on a myriad of cultural spins, additions and adaptions. It is continually mixing and evolving, while always remaining healthy, accessible and fresh.
Poke is good – there’s no need to convince. This is the mantra Hokey Poke embodies. The space is anything but sacred. It emanates an easy culture. A loose, effortless place where brash, tongue-in-cheek decor plays the loud, eccentric friend to a classy, stark interior. It reflects the food it serves, a mishmash of styles and influences from high society to street culture: mirrors streaked with spray paint, neon lights draped in electric cable and specials scrawled in lipstick over elegant serif menus.
Hokey Poke understands that time marches on and one can’t predict what it will bring. For that reason, it fully embraces the here-and-now, remaining immediate and present and maintaining an endless pursuit of good food, good drink and good times.