Each inflatable is connected to an air compressor, controlled by a programmed stepper to alternately switch on or off the air flow to a choreographed schedule, creating a flux of growing and deflating forms.

We propose a variety of biomorphic forms, each yielding different physical characteristics as they inflate and move. Some will inflate entirely in a dominant show of force, forcing those around them into corners and squashing the remaining air out of them as they appear to compete for space. Others have to bend and compromise to occupy more space when it’s their turn for inflation. 

The growth of one inflatable, by virtue of its size (as each of them is scaled as so to fill most of the room when at full capacity), has direct impact on another.

The selection of shapes are designed with the gallery space of Open 24 Hours in mind: alternately the shapes are tall, broad or snaking – as to take advantage of the tiered steps of the gallery floor and the high ceiling.

Examples of individual biomorphic shapes inflating.