To change a black and white drawing to a colour image on transparent background
without vectorising the image
1. Open in Photoshop
2. Unlock the background layer (make it Layer 0)
3. Double click the layer to open the Layer Style dialogue box 
4. Option+click (or alt+click) and drag the white triangle on the ‘this layer’ slider to split it
This hides the white in your layer. Splitting it feathers/softens the edges.

5. Make sure your are in RBG or CMYK colour mode (not grayscale). Then add a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer
6. Double click the adjustment layer, check ‘colorize’, increase the saturation and brightness/lightness. Don’t bother about the hue
7. Add another layer and fill it with the colour you want your drawing to be. Hide the layer
8. Press CMD+OPT+SHIFT+E to make a layer that’s a duplicate of all visible layers
9. Select that layer (which is your drawing in colour on a transparent background
10. Go to image>adjustments>match colour
11. Select your document and the layer with the target colour from the dropdown menus

To avoid awkward line breaks in names, dates, etc. put a non-breaking space instead of a normal space. Then the words will never be broken onto two lines. For example, if you’re doing a layout and there’s a name in a paragraph, it’s awkward and irritating to have the name split over two lines, and it can be a pain to always have to check to see if its happened.

When inserting the text, change the space between the words you want to keep together to a “non-breaking space”
1. In InDesign: type CMD+OPTION+X or go Type>Insert White Space> Non-breaking space
2. In other programs (Word, etc.) and in HTML the shortcuts and codes are different. See table below: